Armenia supports Syria’s territorial integrity and sovereignty – PM

Armenia supports Syria’s
territorial integrity and sovereignty, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has said.

Addressing a CSTO
summit in Bishkek, Pashinyan said “the developments in Armenia are extremely worrying.

“Armenia condemned Turkey’s recent military invasion of north-east Syria, which is an immediate threat to the Armenian population of the area,” the Prime Minister stated.

“Ethnic and religious minorities become main targets for terrorists and those behind them. We were all shocked by the brutal murder of the Armenian Catholic priest in Qamishli, Der ez- Zor, Syria,” he added.

Pashinyan said “the real reasons of the invasion are obvious and have nothing to do with the goals declared by Turkey.”

“Violation of the principles of
international law by the Republic of Turkey is unacceptable and should be
clearly condemned by the international community,” he stated.

“Armenia supports Syria’s territorial
integrity and sovereignty. We will continue to provide the friendly Syrian
people with all the humanitarian assistance they need today,” Nikol Pashinyan

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