Armenia opposition MP: Azerbaijan forces will be deployed at 5 points on road to Georgia if 4 villages are handed over

ARF member and Opposition MP Garnik Danielyan went to Tavush Province of Armenia to show what will happen if four villages of this province are handed over to Azerbaijan.

“The first stop is Verin Voskepar village. The [Armenian] defense line formed in the 1990s will be fully broken up, the enemy will appear deep in the rear, with all the disastrous consequences arising from it.

It should be noted that the [Russian natural] gas pipeline entering Armenia [via Georgia] also passes through the Verin Voskepar section, and if the control of the Azerbaijani side is established, the gas pipeline will also come under the control of Azerbaijan. In case of Verin Voskepar passing to Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan will demand communications also.

It is very important to also know that in the case of handing over the [aforesaid four] villages of Tavush [to Azerbaijan], the Azerbaijani [army] units will be deployed very close to [Armenian] schools, kindergartens, state institutions, thereby making their normal activities impossible.

I should mention also that if Azerbaijan’s demands are met, Azerbaijani [army] units will be deployed in five sections of the road where there is a crossing. It is the [Armenian capital] Yerevan-[Georgian capital] Tbilisi highway. In case of deployment of Azerbaijani [army] units [there], maintenance of the interstate road will become impossible. In that case, Armenia will become a unique enclave with which Azerbaijan will attempt to encircle all of Armenia,” Danielyan said on livestream.

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