Archbishop Bagrat insists on mediated talks with Azerbaijan

Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan says Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan ether has to resign or face an impeachment motion in the parliament.

Addressing a rally in Yerevan’s Republic Square on Sunday, Galstanyan announced the start of four days of nonstop street protests to drive Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan from office.

He urged the National Assembly to convene a special session on the government’s resignation and the formation of a new government on Tuesday.

The protesters led by the cleric marched to the Armenian parliament late on Sunday. Many of them spent the night on Baghramyan Avenue near the parliament building, setting up tents there.

“We will resort to all legal means available to achieve the desired outcome, i.e. this man’s [referring to Pashinyan] resignation or ouster. There is no other option,” he told reporters on Monday, claiming the government was “scared” of the protest movement.

The archbishop said the National Assembly Council was to hold a special meeting later on Monday to discuss a motion of no-confidence in Pashinyan and urged all to join the protest on Baghramyan Avenue.

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