The United Kingdom is considering sending migrants to Armenia, similar to Rwanda

The UK is in talks with Armenia, Côte d’Ivoire, Costa Rica, and Botswana to send illegal migrants there. The Times reports, citing British government documents, that the scheme to send the migrants to Rwanda is planned to use a scheme similar to the one agreed to. Negotiations with the Armenian side started in September 2023, but progress has not yet been registered.

British authorities are said to have also approached Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Brazil, and Colombia but were found to be “less interested” in the proposed deal. Cape Verde, Senegal, Tanzania, Togo, Angola, and Sierra Leone have been “put on the backlist” if an agreement cannot be reached with other countries. Moreover, the paper notes that Morocco, Tunisia, Namibia, and Gambia “clearly refused” to discuss this issue.

As part of its crackdown on illegal migration, the UK plans to deport illegal migrants to Rwanda, which British authorities say has “gained a reputation as a state that deals humanely and professionally with refugees and migrants.” Rwanda was paid more than 100 million pounds sterling for this. In December 2023, the countries signed a new agreement in which migrants in the United Kingdom illegally can be deported without the right to seek asylum in the Kingdom.

The Kingdom is ready to pay 150,000 pounds for each migrant, deport 30,000 migrants, and spend about 5 billion pounds.

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