Tatoyan Foundation exposes false Azeri narratives about Armenian monasteries

The Tatoyan Foundation has exposed false Azerbaijani narratives about the Armenian monasteries of Saghmosavank and Noravank.

“Continuing the falsifications, the ancient Armenian monasteris of Saghmosavank and Noravank appeared in Azerbaijani authorities’ hostile policies and occupation plans of Armenia,” it said in a social media post on Monday.

“According to these falsehoods, Saghmosavank is an Azerbaijani cultural heritage and is located in the Turkic-Ghapchag Saghmosavank village in the so-called “Western Azerbaijan”, and the monastery complex is Albanian. As if, Armenians were brought here in 1828-1830.

“According to that false narrative, Noravank is Albanian and belongs to Azerbaijan and that until 1988 only Azerbaijanis lived in that village.

“The Azerbaijani side continues these falsifications at the highest level, sparing no means. The spread of these falsehoods should be prevented, parallel to which the Azerbaijani authorities are clearly preparing for new crimes against Armenia. The authorities of Azerbaijan have no real intentions of peace, so under no circumstances should they be allowed to dictate their false agenda,” the Tatoyan Foundation said.

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