ANCC Calls for Canadian Government Action on Forced Armenia-Azerbaijan Border Demarcation Process

OTTAWA – May 8, 2024) – Today, The Armenian National Committee of Canada (ANCC) issued a letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, the Hon. Melanie Joly, and the foreign affairs critics of all opposition parties, urging Canadian diplomatic intervention in forced Armenia-Azerbaijan border demarcation process.

The ANCC has expressed grave concerns over the recent decisions made by the Commission on Demarcation and Border Security of the State Border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, describing it as severely undermining “the principles of dignified and fair negotiation that should characteristically define interactions between sovereign states.” This demarcation – being carried out under the threat of force from Azerbaijan – is forcing Armenia to cede control of four Armenian villages and other strategic territory in its northeastern Tavush province, threatening its sovereignty and security.

In their communications, the ANCC highlighted how the demarcation process “does not adhere to established international norms and principles,” referencing several key international agreements. This deviation from normative legal frameworks raises serious questions about the validity and legitimacy of the commission’s decisions.

The ANCC also raised alarms about the unilateral nature of these decisions, emphasizing that there is no “mutually agreed upon framework for demarcation and delimitation; rather, there is an apparent coercion by Azerbaijan.” This has spurred significant opposition within Armenia, leading to the establishment “Tavush for the Homeland” – an independent and non-affiliated movement – led by Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan, the Primate of the Armenian Apostolic Diocese of Tavush and former Primate of the Armenian Apostolic Diocese of Canada. The movement is set to hold a large public rally in Yerevan on May 9th, demanding an end to the demarcation process in its current format.

The ANCC is calling on the Canadian government to employ all diplomatic resources to support Armenia’s territorial integrity and ensure the region’s stability. This includes the imposition of sanctions on Azerbaijan to prevent further aggressive actions.

“We trust that Canada will take a firm stance on these issues, upholding the values of fair and respectful international relations,” the ANCC stated, emphasizing the importance of international solidarity in these critical times.

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