ANC Toronto brings together 40 elected officials at it’s annual Armenian Christmas gathering

The Armenian National Committee of Toronto hosted its annual Armenian Christmas gathering on January 14th within the welcoming walls of the Armenian Community Center in North York. A gathering of considerable significance, the event drew around 40 elected officials, spanning various levels of government, and welcomed representatives from Toronto’s vibrant Armenian community, along with members of its diverse organizations.

Commencing with a prayer by Reverend Father Vartan Tashjian, Hrag Dedeyan, representing the Armenian National Committee, addressed the challenges Armenians faced in the past year, particularly following the exodus of 100,000 Armenians from Artsakh. Dedeyan underscored the ANC’s policy priorities for the upcoming year, emphasizing collaboration with the Canadian government. These priorities included advocating for a comprehensive ban on arms sales to Turkey and Azerbaijan, stopping the import of oil from Azerbaijan, increasing humanitarian aid for displaced Artsakh populations, securing the safe return of Armenian captives in Baku, and urging Canada to work internationally to prevent the cultural genocide of Armenian heritage in occupied Artsakh.

The event also served as a unique platform for representatives from federal and provincial levels, spanning both liberal and progressive conservative parties. Additionally, city councillors from Toronto, Markham, and Richmond Hill, as well as officials from the Toronto, Catholic, and York Region district school boards, took the stage. These distinguished guests not only highlighted their enduring friendship with the Armenian community but also shared their heartfelt wishes for a prosperous and harmonious year ahead.

The gathering, marked by a spirit of unity and collaboration, demonstrated the strength of the bonds between the Armenian community and its supporters across various echelons of Canadian governance. It served as a testament to the shared commitment to addressing the pressing issues faced by Armenians and fostering a future of peace and prosperity.

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