Horizon Weekly Participates In Webinar Hosted by National Ethnic Press Council of Canada

On June 22 2020, the National Ethnic Press Council of Canada hosted their members’ meeting, where Horizon Weekly senior correspondent Nazeeg Haneshian alongside 66 other members nationwide participated. 

During the meeting, members addressed their concerns regarding the challenges they face as a result of current pandemic and the economical impacts. The lack of funding, and support from the government has put many publications at risk.
Peter MacKay former Member of Parliament of over 18 years (1997-2015), attended the meeting. He has served as Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Minister of National Defence, and Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Cabinet of Canada under Prime Minister Stephen Harper. 
He addressed his concern for Ethnic Media and its current struggles, “Ethinc Media reaches more Canadians, and gives more Canadians a voice.”  
MacKay also shared his concern of Canada’s current economic state and competitiveness on a global scale, advising there is plenty of room for Canadian innovation and development on a global scale.
Peter MacKay plans to reenter politics, and run for a leadership role as Prime Minister in the next election.

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