Georgia sending doctors to Armenia to help fight Covid-19

Georgia will send a medial staff to Armenia to help the country fight the coronavirus outbreak, Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia told a Cabinet meeting on Thursday, June 11, Panarmenian reports.

“This is a global crisis, a global challenge, both epidemiologically and medically. This is also an economic crisis, and no country can handle it alone,” Gakharia said.

“That is why we have to support each other. As you know, the situation in our neighboring countries is quite tense, I am personally in daily contact with the Prime Minister of Armenia and other colleagues, the Minister of Health, the Minister of Economy and we have identified what kind of assistance our neighbors need.

“Mutual support is extremely important now. Of course, the Ministry of Health already has a task to prepare the assistance that Georgia can provide to neighboring Armenia, it will be the assistance with medical staff, such a request was made by our neighbors,” the Prime Minister stated.

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