Entry permits to Artsakh issued exceptionally by Artsakh – Foreign Minister

Artsakh never asks and will never ask for Azerbaijan’s permission for anyone’s entry to the republic. It’s up to the Republic of Artsakh to decide, Foreign Minister David Babayan told comments to Public Radio of Armenia.

He refuted the rumors claiming that foreigners will need a permission from Baku to enter the Republic of Artsakh.

“The fact that a large number of mercenary terrorist recruited to fight against Artsakh still remain in Azerbaijan forces us to improve the procedure of registering those entering Artsakh,” the Foreign Minister said.

“We have established close cooperation with the Russian peacekeepers because they are among the key role-players in maintaining peace and stability,” Babayan said.

He noted that the visas will still be issued by Artsakh’s Permanent Representation in Armenia. Those willing to enter the republic can also request visas directly from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He stressed that Baku has nothing to do with the permission to enter the Republic of Artsakh.

According to the Law of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic on “Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Nagorno Karabakh Republic” of 31 August 2001 the entry of foreign citizens to the Republic of Artsakh is allowed on the availability of valid foreign passports or other documents replacing them, and an entry visa.

Nagorno Karabakh Republic entry visas for foreign nationals are issued at the Permanent Mission of Artsakh to the Republic of Armenia.

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