Artsakh announces fundraising to support the quake-affected Armenians of Syria

(Armradio) – Artsakh has announced fundraising for the earthquake-affected population of Syria, Artsakh’s InfoCenter reports.

“The earthquake that occurred in the Republic of Syria on February 6 caused loss of life and destruction, and the local Armenian community was also significantly affected. The eyes of our compatriots living in different parts of the world are now directed to the Armenian community of Syria, which is in dire straits as a result of the earthquake,” the InfoCenter said.

Despite the difficult conditions of the blockade, the Government of Artsakh, in cooperation with the Artsakh branch of the Armenian Relief Society, has decided to join the pan-Armenian relief work by organizing a fundraiser.

“Expressing solidarity with our brothers and sisters living in Syria, we call on the citizens living in Artsakh to actively participate in fundraising and lend a helping hand to our compatriots affected by the natural disaster. Only with our strong national unity and sincere efforts to support each other can we overcome both natural disasters and man-made challenges,” the Center said.

Donations in AMD can be sent to an Artsakhbank account: 22300100156701.

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