Agents find military supplies in arrested Armenia MP’s Artsakh mansion

ARMENPRESS – Based on credible intelligence reports, the Naitonal Security Service of Armenia and the Special Investigation Service jointly sent a motion of assistance to Artsakh’s law enforcement agencies which led to a raid and search of arrested MP Manvel Grigoryan’s villa in Artsakh. The mansion is located near a military base of Artsakh and is the already the third property of the MP to be searched by law enforcement agencies.

Agents discovered large amounts of military food supplies – For Soldier canned meat, which is not for sale anywhere – tobacco, military clothing, medical kits, petrol and large amounts of 7.62 mm and 5.45mm caliber ammunition, the Special Investigations Service said.

As part of the ongoing investigation, the Special Investigation Service said it has arrested a relative of Manvel Grigoryan yesterday.

Manvel Grigoryan, the former general who is suspected in misappropriating military supplies and donations, as well as illegal possession of firearms, will remain in pre-trial detention for two months.

Grigoryan, a former general who chairs the Yerkrapah Volunteer Union, a paramilitary organization, was arrested on June 16 by national security service in his hometown of Ejmiatsin (Vagharshapat).

The lawmaker from the Republican Party faction is suspected in embezzling military supplies and illegal possession of firearms. Upon searching the compound of Grigoryan, agents found huge amounts of military weapons and ammunition and supplies, including donated food and clothing which was meant to be sent to soldiers in Artsakh back in 2016. The donated supplies even include letters written by schoolchildren during the days of the April War of 2016.

The Prosecutor General requested an extraordinary sitting of the parliament to take place to strip the MP of parliamentary immunity, in order to keep him in pre-trial custody.

The MP has denied any wrongdoing, and in a letter sent to the Speaker said he will restore his reputation, and called on his colleagues to strip him of immunity since “he has no desire to obstruct the investigation”.

A private zoo and a large car collection were also found during the search of the compound.

On June 19, the parliament voted to strip the MP of immunity and approved launching criminal proceedings.


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