A new genocidal attempt: Armenians in Argentina protest against Azerbaijani attacks

Armenians in Buenos Aires marched to the Embassy of Azerbaijan on Sunday, September 25, to protest against the attacks and the Azerbaijani invasion of against Armenia unleashed on September 12, Diaro Armenia reports.

Recalling that September 27 marks the 2-year anniversary of the start of the war unleashed by Azerbaijan and Turkey against the Republic of Artsakh and Armenia, the protesters added that “13 days ago, Azerbaijan began a new aggression, this time against the Republic of Armenia.”

“On the night of September 12, Azerbaijani forces, illegally located within the borders of the sovereign territory of Armenia, unilaterally attacked various regions and border towns of Armenia. These aggressions were directed at the southeast of the Armenian sovereign territory, leaving a continuously growing number of around 500 dead and wounded, including soldiers and civilians, maiming women, destroying hundreds of homes, schools and hospitals and forcing the population to displace,” they noted.

The protestors noted that the reasons are the same as those that started the Armenian Genocide in 1915 -to carry out the pan-Turkish plan to unite all the Turkish nations by dominating the region and exterminating all minorities such as Armenians, Assyrians and Pontic Greeks.

“More than 100 years later, this project continues to be executed with the same impunity,” warned the Armenian youth.

“The solidarity of Argentina and the world with the people of Armenia is urgent. This is a new genocidal attempt and the evidence is clear. We need to strongly condemn and repudiate the Azerbaijani and Turkish military actions, which threaten regional peace and security. Let all of Argentina know that Azerbaijan and Turkey are two genocidal states,” the protesters said.

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