Syrian Army inches closer to liberate Aleppo

Syrian Army inches closer to liberate Aleppo –

(Southfront) – Earlier today, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) – heavily supported by Harakat al-Nujba (Iraqi paramilitary) and Hezbollah (Lebanese paramilitary) – imposed full control over the Sheikh Saeed neighbourhood in the southern part of Aleppo city.

Meanwhile, the SAA also seized a large chunk of the Al-Ameria district and restarted operations on the eastern flank of the rebel pocket at the Karam al-Tarrab district, near Aleppo International Airport.

However, preliminary reports suggest a truce may soon come into effect in Aleppo to faciliate the departure of more civilians from rebel-held districts and possibly, complete surrender of insurgents in Syria’s largest city.

Syrian government forces have captured more than a third of rebel-held territory in eastern Aleppo in the last few days.

Militants have been driven out of more neighbourhoods of their long-held enclave in eastern Aleppo, as Syrian government forces continue to advance.

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