Armenia Places seventh in Eurovision Song Contest

Armenia Places seventh in Eurovision Song Contest –

(Radio Liberty, The Telegraph) – Armenia’s representative to the Eurovision 2016 song contest, Iveta Mukuchyan, finished in seventh place in the final round of the contest held in Stokholm Saturday night.

Ukraine  won Eurovision with a political song about something with intense personal meaning to the singer, Jamala. It’s a song about Stalin’s forced deportation of Crimean Tatars, including members of Jamala’s own family, in 1944.

Jamala, whose full name is Susana Dzhamaladinova, was born in Kyrgyzstan in 1983, where her family settled after her father’s parents endured the deportation. Jamala and her father are Muslims, while her mother is a Christian of Armenian descent.

Eurovision 2016 | Rankings

Country Position
Ukraine 1st
Australia 2nd
Russia 3rd
Bulgaria 4th
Sweden 5th
France 6th
Armenia 7th
Poland 8th
Lithuania 9th
Belgium 10th
The Netherlands 11th
Malta 12th
Austria 13th
Israel 14th
Latvia 15th
Italy 16th
Azerbaijan 17th
Serbia 18th
Hungary 19th
Georgia 20th
Cyprus 21st
Spain 22nd
Croatia 23rd
United Kingdom 24th
Czech Republic 25th
Germany 26th

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