Armenian captain destroys tank and dozen enemy soldiers

Armenian captain destroys tank and dozen enemy soldiers –

ARMENPRESS. The Defense Ministry of Armenia continues publishing the valor and heroism of Armenian soldiers in the frontline. As “Armenpress” reports, Press Secretary of the Defense Ministry Artsrun Hovhannisyan posted on his Facebook page the story of 4 th rifle brigade commander, 26 year old Captain Armenak Urfanyan. “Captain Urfanyan along with his crew engaged in a long lasting firefight with the enemy. Under the pressure of the exceeding enemy forces, he ordered his crew to retreat, and continued the battle alone, eliminated an enemy tank and 10 enemy soldiers. In the end, he threw several grenades and didn’t let the enemy surround him. He used the last grenade to sacrifice himself by eliminating the approaching enemy. Glory to our heroes”, he wrote.

 4 th rifle brigade commander,

Captain Armenak M. Urfanyan

Born in 1990, in service since 2007, Nork Military Commission

 Funeral will take place on 06.04.2016 at 14:00

Address – Yerevan, Proshyan Street, St. Hovhannes church

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