Turkish man attacks Armenian senior citizen in New York city

Turkish man attacks Armenian senior citizen in New York city –

By Jeanine Balabanian

My father Setrak Balabanian attended the demonstrations in New York City for recognition and awareness of the Armenian genocide and the 1.5 million victims that were killed 100 years ago. As my father was crossing 3rd avenue in Manhattan to join friends and family, he was attacked by a Turkish protestor. The Turkish protestor forcefully pushed him into the street onto fast moving traffic. There was a car coming his way and in order to avoid the car and falling face first he pushed himself back and ultimately fell in a way where he broke both his legs. Ambulances arrived as he was rushed to the hospital, where he remains now.

The Turkish protester was arrested by the New York Police Department who were present and witnessed the entire act.

My father is presently undergoing a surgery at the New York Presbyterian hospital. He will be unable to walk an undetermined time due to this malicious act. Please support me and spread awareness as we bring this protestor to justice.

Any act of this matter is immoral, especially considering that it was done during the demonstrations for the recognition of 1.5 million Armenians who were murdered by the Ottoman Turks.

Please keep him in your prayers and I urge you to stay safe during all the protests and commemorations as CLEARLY our neighbours are still violent, heartless and vicious 100 years later!


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