Armenian FM: There are many Azerbaijani fighters among ISIS

Armenian FM: There are many Azerbaijani fighters among ISIS –

Hallett Azeri

Mediamax – Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian said today that he has called the attention of the international community to the fact that there are “a number of Azerbaijani fighters” among Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group.

 “During Artsakh War, Azerbaijan is known to have hired a number of mercenaries from Afghanistan and other countries maintaining close ties with international terrorist infrastructures. Presently, Azerbaijan claims to struggle against extremists. I would not like to comment on the level of productivity and sincerity of that struggle. One thing is clear – a number of Azerbaijani fighters take part in ISIS terrorist acts”, Armenian FM stated at the joint press conference with Lithuanian FM in Yerevan today.


A number of media, among them Azerbaijani, informed yesterday that notorious terrorist Hallett Azeri known as the leader of Azerbaijani guerillas during Karabakh War was killed as a result of blows of coalition forces struggling against the terrorist group.

“We should realize that terrorism might convert to uncontrollable violence. These terrorist acts prove once again the urgency of uniting the efforts of the international community”, said Edward Nalbandian.

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