Yerevan rejects request to reopen the Blue Mosque

Yerevan rejects request to reopen the Blue Mosque –

Armenia has rejected a request to open up a mosque for the performance of Friday prayers by a Turkey-based non-governmental organization.

The International Association Against Unfounded Armenian Allegations (ASIMDER) had asked for the 250-year-old Blue Mosque, in the capital Yerevan to be opened for Friday prayers on September 5.

The request, which was put forward by ASIMDER General Manager Goksel Gulbey with the support of 14 non-governmental organizations, was turned down by the Armenian authorities, despite lobbying attempts made through the Georgian and Iranian embassies.

Gulbey expressed his disappointment to Turkey’s Yeni Safak, particularly with the Armenian Church Patriarch of Turkey, Aram Atesyan, for remaining silent over the incident, adding that ASIMDER plans to renew the request. 


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