Secret visit of Armenian Parliament speaker to Israel

Secret visit of Armenian Parliament speaker to Israel –

According to rumors in the political circles of Israel, the chairman of the Armenian parliament, Galust Saakyan, has recently visited the country.

The most interesting thing is that there was no official confirmation of the visit. The website of the Israeli Knesset and Israeli mass media didn’t report on it. At the same time, information on the visit was presented to Vestnik Kavkaza by a very reliable source.

The source states that Saakyan met some representatives of the top leadership of Israel and discussed two issues. The first touched on recognition of “the Armenian genocide” of 1915 by Israel, when its 100th anniversary will be marked. The second issue was devoted to military cooperation between Israel and Azerbaijan, which concerns Europe so much.

Political and diplomatic circles of Israel not only haven’t commented on Saaksyan’s visit, but don’t even want to talk about it at all.

It should be noted that the positions of supporters of recognition of the genocide of 1915 by Israel have strengthened, as the newly-elected president Reuven Rivlin (his predecessor Shimon Peres thinks that Israel should be neutral on the issue), the speaker of the Knesset Yuli Edelstein, and the deputy Foreign Minister, Zaev Elkin, are supporters of the step.

Earlier, Elkin tried to provide official recognition of the genocide of 1915 through the parliamentary commission on education, but he was told that the issue should be considered by the commission on international affairs and defense. At the moment Zaev Elkin is the chairman of the commission, and this gives him certain advantages.

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