One Armenian Dead, Several Injured During Damascus Attack

Smoke rises above Damascus after attacks

DAMASCUS—An Armenian student died and several other Armenians were injured on Tuesday after two rockets fell on the Paros School, which is adjacent to the Armenian Catholic Church there.

Sources on the ground reported that the injured were transported to the nearby French Hospital. The rocket attacks rocked the relative calm in the neighborhood and caused serious financial damage to the school and the surrounding properties.

According to the Aleppo-based Gandazasar weekly reporter Mosik Injejijkian, Paros students Nareg Marashlian and Hagop Khederlarian were among the injured. Paros teachers Silva Louledjian and Francois Deshoghlian were also among the wounded, while Rouba Arisian, who was visiting the school at the time of the attacks also sustained injuries.

The official Syrian news agency, SANA, reported that as a result of rocket fire on Christian neighborhoods in Damascus, 41 people were injured.

Assistance to Kessab Armenians
The Catholicosate of the Great House of Cilician received $100,000 from a fund established last year by the Bishops’ Synod to be used to assist the Kessab Armenians, who fled their hometown for Latakia after Al Qaeda forces, aided by Turkey, attacked the Armenian-populated town.

The Cilician Catholicosate’s communication director, Rev. Vahram Melikian posted about the funds transfer on his Facebook page.

On Sunday, the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund announced that $63,060 was transferred by the Armenian Embassy in Syrian to the Armenian Church in Latakia.

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