Tatoyan Foundation releases report on police violence against protesters in Yerevan

The Tatoyan Foundation has released a special report on the police violence against protesters outside the Armenian parliament on June 12.

Riot police used stun grenades and other forcible tactics against demonstrators demanding Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s resignation, making around 100 arrests. The violent clashes left over 100 civilians, including journalists, and police officers injured.

The special report centers on gross human rights violations by special police forces and Pashinyan’s support for police actions against demonstrators. It highlights that no police officer has been prosecuted for beating protesters and journalists covering the events.

“Unlawful behavior by the police against protest participants has been documented through both observations and complaints. Information about these incidents is regularly disseminated through mass media channels. Complaints and media reports have highlighted instances where police officers subjected assembly participants to degrading treatment, including violence, disproportionate use of force, torture and causing disproportionate harm to health,” the report says.

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