Statement regarding the situation in Tavush region of Armenia

The Armen Karo Student Association, along with Armenian Youth and Student organizations from across the world, issued the following statement on the situation in the Tavush region:

 “Since March 12, 2024, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has started a dangerous and self-destructive process of unconditional and unilateral surrender of Armenian sovereign territories along the Armenia-Azerbaijan border.

 “The Armenian Prime Minister’s compliance with President Aliyev’s demands regarding the genocidal agenda of “Western Azerbaijan” reflects acquiescence to totalitarian, expansionist, and Pan-Turkic ambitions.

 “Prime Minister Pashinyan has failed to secure and promote the national interest of the Armenian state. The Armenian Prime Minister has illegally surrendered the Republic of Artsakh by recognizing it as part of Azerbaijan. The current government in Yerevan has also illegitimately and unconstitutionally recognized various parts of Armenia’s sovereign territory as belonging to Azerbaijan. These actions have de facto laid the groundwork for a potential legitimate military offensive and invasion by Azerbaijan into Armenian sovereign territories.

 “Since then, Armenians from Tavush have started a resistance movement “Տավուշը Յանուն Հայրենիքի” (“Tavush for our Homeland”) to resist the surrender of their ancestral and sovereign territory.


●      Given Azerbaijan and Turkey’s high-level statements endorsing Pan-Turkic and expansionist agendas concerning Armenia’s sovereign territories, such as the so-called “Zangezur Corridor” and “enclaves.”

●      Taking into account Azerbaijan’s aggressive and genocidal actions, which resulted in the ethnic cleansing of the population of the Republic of Artsakh through the illegal and inhumane use of force.

●      Given Azerbaijan’s unwillingness to address the conflict through a political resolution adhering to the Helsinki Principles, which advocate for the non-use of force, respect for territorial integrity, and the right to self-determination.

●      Given the political disengagement of the Armenian Government in safeguarding its current sovereign territories through a comprehensive delimitation and demarcation process, ensuring the safe return of Armenian civilians to Nagorno-Karabakh, and securing the unconditional release of all Armenian political prisoners and prisoners of war.

“We, Armenian Youth and Student organizations and the Armen Karo Student Association;

●      Support the call from the “Տավուշը Յանուն Հայրենիքի” movement, urging unity in the fight for the homeland’s future and encouraging all to contribute their utmost to bolster state institutions and uphold Armenia’s territorial integrity.

●      Condemn the continuous expansionist, militaristic, and genocidal rhetoric emanating from Azerbaijan and Turkey concerning their alleged “Western Azerbaijan” and “Zangezur Corridor,” which encroach upon territories encompassing Tavush, Gegharkunik, Vayots Dzor, Syunik, Ararat, and Shirak regions.

●      Call on the Armenian government to immediately resign and create a transitional government of national unity, to ensure stability and security in Armenia’s bordering regions and to halt the concessions made by the defeated and capitulated regime in Yerevan.

●      Ask all Armenian organizations in Armenia and the Diaspora to be engaged in the struggle against the surrender of Armenian territories and the defeatist ruling elite in Yerevan.

●      Welcome all negotiation processes that promote an equal, reciprocal, fair and political solution to the Artsakh conflict and to the border disputes between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

In conclusion, we, the Armenian Youth and Student organizations and the Armen Karo Student Association,

 Stand united in our unwavering commitment to defending the homeland’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

 We call for solidarity among all Armenian organizations, both in Armenia and the Diaspora, to resist the surrender of Armenian territories and to challenge the complacency of the ruling elite in Yerevan.

 We advocate for political solutions based on equality, reciprocity, and fairness to resolve the Artsakh conflict and border disputes. Let us continue to stand together in our efforts to secure a brighter and more secure future for Armenia and its people.



Armen Karo Student Association with:

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