On this Giving Tuesday, let’s lend a hand to our brothers and sisters from Artsakh

A safe place to call home, a healthy meal, financial security, warm clothing, necessities, and opportunities for our children to learn and grow—these are the most basic privileges granted to us as Canadian Armenians that our brothers and sisters from Artsakh have been deprived of for far too long.

 The 10-month blockade coupled with a state of no-war-no-peace and the latest unprovoked large-scale attacks that saw over 100,000 citizens and residents of Artsakh forcibly displaced, exacerbated the harrowing realities of Azerbaijan’s genocidal campaign.

It is the responsibility of every Armenian to support the people of Artsakh; their struggle is far from over. We must provide assistance in all forms to help them adapt to the realities of their future and begin a new life with the little resources they were able to transport.

 How can we help:

 On this Giving Tuesday, we are asking you to reach into your pockets and contribute to ARS Canada’s mission to provide humanitarian aid to the students and families from Artsakh.

 1)      Participate in the HelpArtsakh.ca online auction. All proceeds from this auction will go towards the Armenian Relief Society’s initiatives that support the displaced Artsakh Armenians. You may contribute to this initiative in the following ways:

a.      Donate a product or service to the auction by December 1st.

b.      Starting Sunday, December 3rd at 8am EST, bid on a product or service available through the auction.

 Visit HelpArtsakh.ca for more details.

 2)      Make a monetary contribution by visiting  ars-canada.ca/donations/ and selecting “1-ARTSAKH Fund” from the dropdown options.

 Whether big or small, we all have something to give. Let’s show our brothers and sisters from Artsakh true Canadian hospitality because when we lean in and work together, we can make a real impact. 

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