Bioxil-2 disinfectant created by Armenian scientists is an effective mean of fighting COVID-19

A new generation composite disinfectant, called Bioxil-2, created by scientists at the A.B. Nalbandian Institute of Chemical Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, can be used successfully for disinfecting the territories, spaces and items in the fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the National Academy of Sciences told Armenpress.

Bioxil-2 is based on active oxygen, does not contain chlorine and is highly effective disinfectant. It doesn’t leave a color, is environmentally safe, is not affecting the human health and is non-toxic.

The disinfectant has been tested in the healthcare ministry’s Disinfection Center CJSC and the National Center for Fighting Tuberculosis SNCO, as well as in enterprises producing different types of food. It has proven to be highly effective.

The Institute donated 1 tons of Bioxil-2 to the ministry of emergency situations for preventive measures.

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