ARS Launches ‘Hearths Of Hope’ Program

The Armenian Relief Society Central Executive has launched the “Hearths of Hope” program to support families from Artsakh by providing them with homes in villages across Armenia.

This ongoing initiative is currently in its initial phase, focusing on the renovation of five two-family houses. These houses will be allocated to Artsakh families involved in agriculture and farming.

The ARS Central Executive said it is confident that the “Hearths of Hope” program will positively impact the development of Armenian villages and help curb the emigration among the people of Artsakh.

As part of the program’s progress, two houses have already been purchased in the Akhourik village, located in Armenia’s Shirak Province. These homes will soon be allocated to two large families displaced from Artsakh.

The ARS Central Executive said it remains committed to this ongoing initiative and looks forward to the continued support of compatriots.

“Together, we can provide more homes and a brighter future for the families of Artsakh,” said the ARS, urging community members to visit the organization’s website to support this initiative.

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