Turkey looking for “Armenian trace” in Kobane events

Turkey looking for “Armenian trace” in Kobane events –

Armradio – The life-and-death struggle of Kurds in Kobane might grow into a struggle for large autonomy and even statehood, expert of Arabic studies Armen Petrosyan told reporters today. Instead, Turkey fails in its intentions, he said.

“Turkey has found itself in a deadlock. It wanted to get freedom of action in the north of Syria, something the coalition forces do not support. On the other hand, Turkish Islamists are attempting to split the Kurdish forces, but fail to,” the expert said.

Turkey was trying to find an “Armenian trace” in the mass disorders in Kobane. Ankara Mayor Melih Gökçek made provocative remarks concerning Kurds, Armenians and atheists on his Twitter page last week. He said, in part, that Kurds in the east are actually atheist Armenians. Armen Petrosyan finds it hard to say to what extent the Armenian trace is present here. The historic facts are more precise. The Syrian city of Kobane was founded by Armenians in 1915 after the massacres in Turkey.

According to the expert, Armenians left Kobane in 1960s. Most of them moved to Armenia. The fate of the three churches in Kobane is still unknown.

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