ARF Says Concessions on Karabakh are Unacceptable

Aghvan Vartanyan in Gegharkunik on Thursday

YEREVAN.(—Discussing concessions during the Karabakh peace negotiations are unacceptable, Armenian Revolutionary Federation Supreme Council of Armenia chairman and a candidate in the upcoming parliamentary elections Aghvan Vartanyan said Thursday during a campaign rally in the Gegharkunik province.

“If we make concessions, war will resume earlier and we will experience great losses. The enemy will reach Zangezur and Vardenis,” said Vartanyan, who is the second name of the ARF’s proportional slate for the parliamentary elections set for April 2.

Talking to his supporters in the village of Geghamavan, he said Armenia had already won in the past, and now it is necessary to retain the achievements not to yield to those who do not want any concessions at all.

“If they [Azerbaijan] do not want to talk about mutual concessions, why should we try to talk to them about this?” he asked.

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