Huge crowd attends final concert of Dersim Munzur Festival

Huge crowd attends final concert of Dersim Munzur Festival –

The 14th Munzur Nature Festival, which continued for 4 days in Dersim, ended yesterday with a concert.

A slide show telling the life of  Sakine Cansız (Sara) received long applause.

Tens of thousands of people attended the final concert of the Munzur Nature Festival.

The closing speeches at the festival were made by the co-mayor of the Dersim Municipality, Nurhayat Altın, and deputy mayor Hüseyin Tunç.

Warmly thanking guests and the people of Dersim who attended the festival, Nurhayat Altın wished that the festival would bring peace and freedom to all people.

The president of the organising committee of the festival and deputy mayor Hüseyin Tunç thanked the people who had made efforts for the festival and stated that they would establish people’s assemblies to decide on the festival next year. He said that: “I thank all the people all over the world whose heart is beating with the people of Dersim. We are protecting our dams and our culture, beliefs and language with this festival. At our 14th Nature and Culture Festival, we said ‘Dersim, we said remove the obstacles in front of our culture and language, and we organised a lot of seminars and conferences.”

Greeting the resistance of Rojava and Sinjar with the power of the Dersim Festival, Hüseyin Tunç said: “we are sincerely with the people who are resisting in Sinjar and Rojava. We are on the side of the YPG who are standing against the ISIS gangs. We also thank our people who are opposing off shoot organisations of ISIS. In addition, the people in Dersim should vote for people’s presidential candidate Selahattin Demirtaş.”

After the speeches, a slide show telling the life of Sakine Cansız, who was killed in Paris with her comrades, and her part in the Kurdish liberation struggle was presented.

The speeches of Cansız in the slide show were frequently interrupted by the audience shouting slogans such as ‘revenge’, ‘martyrs are immortal’ and ‘the PKK is the people, the people are here’.

The Rastak group from Iran performed at the concert with songs in Kurdish, Persian and in Azeri. After that, Deniz Deman, Hivron and Grup Munzur performed. Finally, Metin & Kemal Kahraman performed. Kemal Kahraman, who had been in exile for 22 years, received a particularly warm welcome.

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